Competition kettlebell 12kg


Kettlebell is one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most universal equipment for training. It is great equipment for increasing strength, explosiveness and body stability. Great quality and simplicity are the most accurate characteristics of Royal Kettlebells.  They are made in one piece which guarantees their durability and cohesiveness. Structured surface ensures a safe and comfortable grip, therefore kettlebell does not slide and is perfectly adhesive. All of our kettlebells are marked with weight in kilograms and pounds. Coloured rings on the sides of handles differentiate the weights. 

Standard RX weights: 4kg/9lb, 8kg/18lb, 12kg/26lb, 16kg/35lb, 20kg/44lb, 24kg/53lb, 32kg/70lb

45,00€ tax incl.
(37,50€ bez DPH)

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