Jindro Tovaryš

Jindro is professionally devoted to CrossFit for couple of years. He was one of the first Slovaks who started with this sport and later on began to address it as a professional athlete and as a coach. Jindro is the only Slovak who attended CrossFit Games Regionals in two consecutive years. He won CrossFit Fitness Championship in 2012 and took part in the prestigious competitions as Nordic Showdown, or French Throwdown. As a coach he always tries to increase the awareness about this sport, he trains dozens of CrossFit enthusiasts on a daily basis. CrossFit is a lifestyle, work and hobby for him.

Ľudovít Czokóly

Ľudo is a young athlete, who works as a coach in Red Royal Gym, Nitra. During his relatively short carrier, he attended great amount of competitions in Slovakia (2nd place at Slovak Throwdown 2015, 1st place at Battle of Urpin 2014, 1st place at CrossGym Liga 2014), as well as abroad (Belgian Throwdown 2014, Big One Cross Challenge 2014, Czech Beast Challenge 2014, Hungarian Cross Challenge 2014, Athlete Games 2014, Czech Beat Invitational 2015, Swiss Alpine Battle 2015). He earned a title Fittest in Slovakia, as he gave the best performance in the country at CrossFit Games Open.

Erik Tóth

Like most of the CrossFitters, Erik does sports actively during his whole life. He played basketball and American football. As he says, after he started with CrossFit, it has changed his life completely. Erik works as a trainer in Red Royal CrossFit Bratislava and regards to his sport carrier, he follows the motto: "Lift hard, work on your weaknesses and get out of breath 2 or 3 times a day." His latest sport success is winning of the international competition Central Europe Throwdown 2015 and ending up on 2nd place on Slovak Throwdown. In 2014, among other things, he managed to place in the top ten athletes competing in the Belgian Throwdown and he finished on the 11th place in the competition Kings of WOD in Madrid.